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How to Reset Root Password in Ubuntu

In this digital age, we have to deal with a lot of usernames and passwords. There are many a times we forget some of these passwords and have a hard time to recover/reset them. There can also be many other reasons to reset passwords . Some of such reasons are :-

  • You got physical access to a linux ubuntu machine and you don’t know the password of the account.
  • You have lot many passwords to remember and you forget the linux machine password.

Today we will tell you how to reset your Ubuntu machine password.
First of all boot you ubuntu machine.
Select the recovery mode. This mode will help us to reset the ubuntu user accounts password (even root password)

recovery mode option

Now wait for the linux kernel to load.

You will get now get a screen having various options.

Select root- drop to root shell prompt. And press OK.

recovery mode menu

As you know with root account priviledges you can do anything in the ubuntu machine (I mean anything). So please be careful in using these commands.

Use the command following command to know the username.

  • ls /home

This command will give a list of all users of the ubuntu machine. Linux is case sensitive so take care of this thing.

Use the following command to reset the password of the user Steve. You can also change the password of root using this method. just type root instead of Steve.

  • passwd Steve

You will then be prompted to enter new password.

You will be prompted to retype you password.

reset password

After doing this, type the following command to return.

  • exit

Now the password should be reset for the user Steve.

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