Running Multiple WordPress Blogs under Single Installation

WordPress is a globally accepted open-source blogging platform. It can be used for running a small blog or a full fledged eCommerce website. It is a very powerful CMS with lot of features. No matter what type of blog or website you wish to start, WordPress is one of the best options available in the […]


How To Install and Use WhatsApp On PC (Windows, Mac)

WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross platform messenger for mobiles. Currently WhatsApp is available for all major mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc. Sometimes while sitting in front of my PC I feel how cool it would be if I can run WhatsApp on my PC. So if you […]


How to find DELL Service Tag or Express Service Code Remotely via CMD

DELL gives a unique serial number to all desktops/laptop it sells as it gives them a unique identification which is useful when you call for support. With the help of the service tag number the technical support executive identifies the model, hardware and software details of the computer to give the right support. The service […]


How to Reset Root Password in Ubuntu

In this digital age, we have to deal with a lot of usernames and passwords. There are many a times we forget some of these passwords and have a hard time to recover/reset them. There can also be many other reasons to reset passwords . Some of such reasons are :- You got physical access […]


How To Install Red Hat Linux – Complete Step by Step Guide

As the open source revolution grows around the world, more and more people are starting to switch over to the Linux Operating System and pre-eminent of all the Linux OS is the Red Hat Linux, owned and distributed by the Red Hat Inc. However, installation of Linux itself is seen as a rather arduous and […]

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